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Tough bubble wrap can be used to help you to protect the largest and heaviest things from your home during a house move, and it can also be used during storage and for shipping items in the post or with a courier too. Here at Packing Solution we sell the best heavy duty bubble wrap that is perfect for protection of all objects, and it is the highest quality and very tough. You cannot easily tear or rip our bubble wrap rolls.

Buy tough bubble wrap here and we offer next day delivery directly to your doorstep. You can use our bubble wrap to help you to protect large furniture from your home while you move. Perhaps you have a large chest of drawers which is made from oak wood, and it could get scratched if you do not put a protective layer around it, to ensure that no damage can occur onto the chest. You will require a large and long roll of bubble wrap for that purpose, and we recommend using our bubble wrap with larger bubbles to put around this, because it will provide extra cushioning for such a large item.

Toughest bubble wrap can also be useful when protecting smaller things too, such as china from your kitchen or dining room, which is extremely delicate and will require the most effective cushioning possible. You will need small bubbles for this task because of the small size of the items you are protecting, because it needs to be flexible enough to fully fit around the small shape. Sometimes our packing paper is a good idea to give an initial layer of protection, followed by bubble wrap afterwards to give the final touch.    

Tough bubble wrap UK

It can also be used for shipping things in the post too. Perhaps you run a business which sells clothing on the internet, and you have to ship your products to customers around the country in the post. It is important to ensure that your products are going to reach the customers in perfect condition, and so you will need to use protective packaging for the job. Along with bubble wrap, it is good to use a strong packing box and some strong tape to secure the parcel throughout its long journey.

Extra tough bubble wrap could be used to help you protect less delicate items in different ways. You can wrap up some clothing for example, and although clothing doesn’t necessarily need to be protected from knocks and bumps, it does need to be protected from water and dirt damage that could occur. Our bubble wrap is completely waterproof and will also fully protect from dirt and dust; all you have to do is ensure that the edges are fully taped with our strong packing tape.