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Waterproof bubble wrap is useful for many reasons; and it can be used for house moving, office moving, storage or shipping. During a move of any kind, you never know what the weather is going to be like. Once you have committed to moving on a specific date, then you have to do it on that day, because you will have already paid the solicitors to manage the paperwork and you’ll have already paid the removal company to assist you with the move as well, so you simply have to get on with it. During a storm, you most precious household items could get very wet if they are not entirely protected from such a situation.

Buy waterproof bubble wrap here with Packing Solution to ensure that your items are fully protected against damage, and we also sell furniture protection covers which are polythene sheets which can be used to put around larger furniture such as sofas and mattresses, and this will protect them from water and dirt damage that could occur.

Water resistant bubble wrap will not only protect from water but it will also help to protect from knocks and bumps that occur during a move too, due to the tiny air bubbles that form a layer around the items. You will need to secure the bubble wrap in place by using some of our strong packing tape along the edges, which will ensure that no water can get into the parcel. It is important that you use strong tape that will remain in place rather than weaker tape which will not do the trick.    

Waterproof bubble wrap UK

It is hard to find on the high street, and this is why Packing Solution was created to offer you the best types of bubble wrap directly to your door with a next day delivery service spanning the length and width of the United Kingdom. We can deliver to any address, including your work address and home address too, so this will ensure that you can always get your parcel when you need it.

Water tight bubble wrap is also particularly useful during storage and shipping too, because these are other instances where you definitely need to ensure that no water can get into your parcel. If you have stored something over a long period of time in a potentially wet area, then you need to ensure that your items remain dry and in perfect condition for when you need them again in future. The same obviously applies to shipping as well.