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Wide bubble wrap is extremely sought after in the UK, because the wider the roll of bubble wrap, the more versatile that it is. Wider bubble wrap can fit around the largest of objects, but it can also protect smaller objects as well, because you can cut off a strip and use that for smaller objects or roll out a large amount for larger objects, knowing that it will be wide enough to protect the entire item. It can be hard to find large and wide bubble wrap, because not many retailers offer it, and this is why it is best to come directly to a packaging specialist company.

Wide bubble wrap UK could be used for furniture protection, where you have huge objects which need entirely covering to protect them. A large cabinet that is made of wood for example could need wrapping up, and in this example you will need a nice long length to ensure that you can fit plenty of layers over it. Heavy objects always require a larger number of layers around them to ensure they are safe, and our one hundred metre rolls are perfect for every object.

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With Packing Solution, we offer next day delivery directly to your doorstep tomorrow, and we offer some of the most competitive prices in the country. Our large hundred metre rolls ensure that you can cover almost anything from your home, or if you run a business, you can use it to ship your products around the globe. We are the trusted suppliers to thousands of businesses and removal companies throughout the UK, and we supply the public directly online as well.

Bubble wrap that is wide will need to be held in place using some of our strong packing tape as well, and this can also be used for packing boxes too. You can buy 500mm wide bubble wrap as well as 750mm wide bubble wrap too with larger bubbles, and both of those are available in huge lengths which ensure you can protect almost anything. The length of the bubble wrap is the most important thing to consider, because as long as it is long enough, then it will protect anything you need.

Widest bubble wrap won’t make any difference if the length is not long enough, but a thin roll that is long will cover everything you need, so our one hundred metre rolls which are 500mm wide should be perfect for the job of protection of anything in your home. It doesn’t take long to roll out the amount of bubble wrap that you need to use, so you can quickly and effectively protect each and every object in your home.

Extra wide bubble wrap is hard to find on the high street, with the only kind of bubble wrap available as the smaller rolls which are found in stationary shops occasionally. If you require a larger roll for a big house move or for a business, then look no further than a professional packaging company online, because the price per metre becomes much cheaper and the quality is unbeatable. We hope that you can find exactly what you require from our huge selection.