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Beyond Storage: 5 Creative Uses For Cardboard Boxes

Beyond Storage: 5 Creative Uses For Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are often used for storage purposes. If you go into your attic or garage now, you can probably count at least ten or twenty cardboard boxes, which are full of old possessions that you haven’t seen for many years, especially if you live in an old family home. You probably can’t even remember what is inside of each box. Some might contain Christmas decorations, others might include old DVD’s. The reason that cardboard boxes make the perfect storage box is because they are so durable; they will last indefinitely if they are simply stored in one dry location. They are strong enough to hold heavy objects inside of them and they are low cost too.

Besides from storage boxes next day delivery, what other uses do cardboard boxes have?

heavy duty moving boxes

  • Cardboard boxes are perfect for house moving. The fact they are lightweight means they are perfect for transporting from one house to another, into and out of a removal lorry, and through doorframes easily. The fact they are strong means they can hold heavy household objects inside of them without breaking, and it also means they are perfect for stacking on top of one another inside of a removal lorry, very high. The fact they are low cost compared with plastic boxes makes them perfect for moving because the cost of moving is so expensive anyway and you certainly will want to save as much money as possible on packaging while moving house. As you’ll need lots of boxes for moving, another great benefit is that the boxes are recyclable, so they will never go to waste.

  • Heavy duty cardboard boxes are also great for shipping. They are commonly used by businesses as well as the public too, while sending objects in the post or with a courier to a customer or friend. They are strong so they will protect your objects during transit from damage and will be able to hold heavy and large objects inside of them. As boxes come in all different shapes and sizes, you can find bespoke boxes to suit your requirements and find the perfect size. As they are low cost, they are perfect for larger companies to save as much money as possible on shipping.

  • Cardboard boxes can be used for fun purposes as well as for tasks. You can make a large play house from cardboard boxes if you have children, as boxes are easy to write on so you can draw windows and doors onto a door. You can easily cut out pieces from a box, which can form the windows and doors too. You can tape multiple boxes together to make a huge house. You can even paint boxes to give the house some colour. What could be more fun.

  • Next day delivery cardboard boxes are excellent at absorbing moisture. If you have a leak or a wet floor, you can place cardboard boxes on the floor to absorb the water and enable you to walk on that floor. This is especially useful if you have a muddy entrance to a particular building, as boxes will cover the mud and allow you to walk over them easily.

  • Cardboard boxes can be used for display purposes in a retail shop. If you sell shoes for example, you can create shoe boxes with window displays at the front, so that customers can look into the box and see the shoes inside. You can have marketing information printed on the outside of the shoe box to better help to sell the shoes too, and this can include your logo and unique selling point.

Cardboard large heavy duty moving boxes also have many other important uses, but there are too many to mention here. One of the most important other factors to emphasise is that they are one hundred percent recyclable and are often made from recycled paper too. This makes them the most environmentally friendly option out there. Never throw them away, always try to re use them for other purposes, or pass them over to a friend or family member if not, and as the last resort, recycle them. You can place them into your normal household recycling bin, or take them to a recycling centre too, depending on how many you have available.

Always buy boxes online from a specialist packaging company that sells a wide range of boxes designed for the public as well as businesses. You can get next day delivery quickly and efficiently, and you always get the lowest prices when buying online.

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