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Cardboard boxes delivery

How are cardboard boxes delivered? The Basics

Cardboard boxes have many great uses, including moving house, storage and shipping. They are used by both businesses as well as the public and are 100% recyclable and are often made from recycled paper, so they represent the most environmentally friendly option when compared with plastic. They are strong and durable and come in many different shapes and sizes for a reasonably low cost. If you are searching for a supplier of cardboard boxes, this can be more challenging as there are very few shops that actually sell them, which is why the best option is to buy online and have them delivered. This saves the fuss and hassle of searching and ensures you get better prices and higher quality.

How-are-cardboard-boxes-deliveredSo how are cardboard boxes delivered?

  • You can order cheap moving boxes online and enter your deliver details and payment details. The sizes shown online are internal box measurements in millimetres, so they are completely accurate and exact to ensure you buy the perfect box for you.
  • You can buy individual boxes as well as discounted packs of five, ten or one hundred boxes, so the more you buy, the more you save.
  • The delivery charge is low cost and is one charge for a total order no matter how much you need. The orders are sent via courier to your door with a quick next day delivery service which is reliable and effective.
  • Cardboard boxes are wrapped in polythene before they are dispatched, which ensures they are fully waterproof. This is important during delivery because it could rain (which very often happens in the UK) so making sure the parcel is water tight is vital. This also means that the delivery driver can accept your delivery request, for example you might ask that we leave the parcel in a safe place if you are out, for example by the doorstep, and so even if it is raining you will still get your parcel safely.
  • Cardboard moving house boxes are flat packed when they are sent. This means that you need to fold in the flaps at either end of the box to use them, which is simple and easy to do. They won’t take up much space while they are flat packed, and this makes the parcel much smaller that we send to you and makes them more secure during delivery to ensure the boxes cannot get damaged during delivery.
  • If you only need one or two boxes, we will always ensure that we protect those as much as possible so that they arrive in good condition and you can use them.
  • We email you with all of the necessary tracking information that you might need during delivery when the orders are dispatched. This ensures that you know precisely what date and time that your order is going to arrive. This ensures that you are available to accept your delivery and there are no delays, but it also tells you if there are any problems with your delivery or delays (which are very unlikely). This also enables you to contact the courier using your unique tracking number to amend any delivery details that you might need, for example if you need to leave the property on a certain date for an emergency and you want to make other plans for the delivery time, or you want the order delivery address changed.
  • The delivery driver will knock on your door or ring the doorbell, allowing you plenty of time to accept your delivery. If you are out, they will sometimes leave your parcel in a safe place if you have requested us to do so, or they will leave you a note to say that they have attempted delivery and give you details of how you can re arrange delivery the following day. They will also temporarily leave your parcel at a nearby ‘access point’ which is a local store where you are able to collect your parcel if you need it urgently on that day or evening.

    These access points are usually open until late in the evening.

  • If you need to cancel your order for any reason, you can do so at any point. Just contact our customer service department who will be happy to help you.
  • We always recommend purchasing boxes with plenty of time to spare, do not place an order at the last minute, just in case. Flat packed boxes for moving home do not take up much room in your house, so you can store them until you need to use them in the garage, attic or under the bed. If you order at the last minute and wait for them to arrive on the day that you are moving house, for example, this can be a risky move and is not a position that you will want to be in. It does happen regularly though!
  • The cut off point for next day delivery is 3pm each afternoon, so make sure that you place your order before that time. If you place an order after that time, then the order will be dispatched on the following day. All orders are sent via next day delivery courier.
  • After placing your order you will always receive a confirmation email ensuring you have all the necessary details of your order. It is good to check this over to ensure you have bought everything that you need.
  • If you are a business, we will always email you with a VAT invoice after the order has been dispatched for your accounts.
  • You can login to our site at any time to check on previous order history, so if you need to re order you know what you have bought before and what works for you. We can quote you for bespoke cardboard moving boxes too if you cannot find something suitable for you.
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