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How to buy cardboard boxes in London

There are lots and lots of house moves out of and into London each year, not to mention the number of people moving within London too. As it is the most populated area of the UK by a long, long way, this makes house prices far more expensive than other areas of the country too. As a result there are far more estate agencies, as well as far more removal companies too for you to choose from. Finding the right packaging materials to help you to move is a little more tricky however, and even though there is a huge demand for it, there are a serious lack of companies that offer packaging for movers in London. So how do you get boxes for moving in London? packing-box
  • The first and best option is to buy boxes online with next day delivery. You can find packaging experts online which offer a huge selection specifically designed for house moving at highly competitive prices. They often deliver very quickly to London and have no minimum orders so this is always the best and most cost effective option. It’s easy to find storage boxes next day delivery.
  • You could ask local businesses if they have any second hand boxes available for you to use. The quality of second hand boxes is often not as good as brand new boxes and they could be a little dirty too which isn’t ideal for moving. Businesses do not give out boxes as often as they used to, because most businesses choose to re use their boxes instead of throwing them out now as they are being more environmentally friendly.
  • Finding a local packaging company to supply you with house removal boxes that you can collect is very difficult. Most larger packaging companies will only sell to other businesses and do not supply small quantities of packaging to the public for moving. There are not any smaller packaging shops that offer small quantities of packaging to the retail trade.
  • Some DIY and home ware stores will offer a small selection of cardboard boxes in one or two types. These are often overpriced and the small range makes it impossible to suit your specific house moving requirements. Our advice is to avoid these at all costs.
  • Some removal companies will supply the packaging that you need if you ask them to pack up your things for you. This is usually very expensive, as they charge a lot to pack up other peoples things and they won’t be able to organise your things as effectively as you would, plus they don’t be as careful when packing as you would either. It is unlikely they would supply the packaging anyway, but it is worth asking.
  • You could ask another local house mover to see if they have any spare large moving boxes that they could lend to you when they are finished. Re using and recycling is the most important thing when it comes to packaging after all.
  • When you order boxes online for delivery, they will arrive flat packed and wrapped up in polythene so that they are protected from damage. This means that if they are delivered when it rains, your boxes will still remain in perfect condition and ready for you to use. Why not try a small pack of ten boxes to begin with and re order when you run out?
Always ensure that you use cardboard boxes for moving house as opposed to plastic boxes when moving, as they are the environmentally friendly option as they are made from recycled paper and they are fully recyclable too. Cardboard is strong and durable and will be better for stacking than plastic boxes which can easily break and crack if too much weight is put onto them. A mixture of different sized boxes is a must, as smaller next day delivery cardboard boxes may be easier to carry but you will need some larger boxes too so that you can fit larger items inside as well. We offer some moving packs which include a variety of different packaging materials and they are designed to give you an idea of what types of packaging you will need based on the number of bedrooms in your home.
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