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How To Use Bubble Wrap When Packing Items For Moving

How To Use Bubble Wrap When Packing Items For Moving

Moving house can be an extremely stressful experience, with loads of things to organise and worry about. When you have finally been given a completion date it can seem like a huge relief, as you’ll have been through an awfully long experience with solicitors, mortgage advisors and lenders and potentially huge chains which can fall through at any moment.

So when it comes to the actual moving process, you need to organise a removal company to help you to move, or hire a van and round up some friends to help you move if it is only a smaller move. The second thing you have to organise is the packaging materials. You will need a selection of different sizes of cardboard boxes, along with protective packaging such as bubble wrap for packing and packing tissue paper, along with some strong packing tape too.

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So how do you use bubble wrap effectively when packing?

  • The best method for protecting items while moving house is to wrap up each item that is delicate, individually. This will include delicates from your kitchen such as glasses, mugs, plates etc. as well as ornaments, pictures, mirrors and expensive objects.

  • Firstly, find a large flat surface; either the floor or a large table is the best option. Lay out a large piece of moving bubble wrap on the surface and place the first object at the end. Roll up the bubble wrap around the object, giving at least two layers of bubble wrap, then cut the piece off. You can then secure it with some strong tape and place the object into a box. Follow this process again and again.

  • Doing it this way is much faster than wrapping each item like a Christmas present. Rolling up objects can waste more bubble wrap than wrapping, but it is much faster, so it really depends on the time you have available.

  • It is important to wrap up each item individually rather than collectively. The reason being because items wrapped up collectively will hit against each other could damage each other inside of the bubble wrap.

  • Another great use of bubble wrap online when packing is to fill any gaps inside of a cardboard box. For example, if you have filled a box with books from your book shelf, but there is a small gap at the edges of the box because the books are not quite the right size for filling the box, then you can stuff bubble wrap inside of that gap to ensure that the books don’t move around inside of the box during transit. Movement inside of a box is one of the most common forms of damage while moving, so bubble wrap can certainly prevent this from happening.

  • Always remember that bubble wrap UK has many great uses, so when you are finished moving, take great care to remove the bubble wrap without ripping it off. This will keep it in a good enough condition so that you can re use it in future. As much fun as it is popping bubbles, try not to do this either, as that is what forms the layer of protection around your objects.

  • If you cannot find another use for bubble wrap after you have used it, make sure you recycle it instead. You can place it in your normal household recycling bins for collection, as most councils accept this, or if not, take it to your local recycling centre instead.

  • Always remember to tape the bubble wrap in place around the objects that you have wrapped up. If you don’t tape them in place, then the bubble wrap could unravel and this would leave the object available for damage. It isn’t worth the risk and so a small amount of tape will secure it properly.

  • Where to buy bubble wrap near me? Buy bubble wrap online from a packaging specialist. This way, you will get the best prices, quick and easy delivery so you don’t have to stroll around looking for bubble wrap and online you can find the largest range of bubble wrap to suit your every requirement. It can be very hard to find on the high street as very few retailers offer good quality bubble wrap. Online is always the best option.

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