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Is 10 metres a lot of bubble wrap?

Is 10 metres a lot of bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap has many great uses, including house moving, storage and shipping. It provides protection for whatever you wrap it around and is the most popular type of protective packaging on the planet. The tiny air bubbles work together to absorb shock from knocks and bumps to ensure that your items do not feel a thing.

When it comes to choosing the right type and quantity of large bubble wrap that you are going to need, that can be a difficult task if you have not used it before. If you are moving house, the aim is to buy the correct type and amount of packaging that you need, without buying too much packaging as it will cost you more than you need to spend, because moving house is already such an expensive experience.

Before we look into whether ten metres is a lot of bubble wrap or not, firstly we need to understand the different types of bubble wrap and the impact they have on the quantity you need.

Different types of bubble wrap and the impact on quantity

  • Small bubble wrap. This type has regular, small sized bubbles which are about the size of a pea. This is the most normal type of bubble wrap and it is versatile and perfect for protecting all objects. If you are wrapping up a heavy object, you will need several layers of this type of bubble wrap to fully protect it, so you will need a larger quantity.

  • Large bubble wrap. As the name suggests, this type has larger bubbles and is therefore better for protecting larger and heavier objects. You’ll only ever need one layer of this type of bubble wrap to ensure the perfect level of protection of a large and heavy item. This type is not so versatile as it is not good for smaller objects, as it isn’t as flexible to fit around them neatly.

Is 10 metres a lot of bubble wrap?

  • Ten metres of bubble wrap rolls is plenty if you are shipping one object in the post. Perhaps you have sold an old mobile phone on ebay and you need to send it to the customer. Ten metres of bubble wrap will give you plenty of layers of protection and will be perfect for the job.

  • If you are moving house, ten metres will not be enough for an entire house move. It won’t be enough to protect the things from your kitchen alone. You’ll be able to protect around ten average sized plates with this amount of bubble wrap as an example, so this leaves all your glasses, mugs, bowls, cooking equipment, pictures, ornaments etc. Still to go. An average house move of a three bedroom house will need at least one hundred metres of bubble wrap.


  • For storage, ten metres can be fine if you are storing just a handful of small objects. Obviously for larger objects, it probably won’t be enough bubble wrap.


  • Although ten metres sounds like a long length, it really is only a small roll. Most retailers only start offering bubble wrap at such a low quantity and it goes longer from there.


  • You could always start with a ten metre roll of bubble wrap and purchase more when you run out. Just look for bubble wrap near me. The factor to consider is that the larger rolls are cheaper than several smaller rolls because the price per metre lowers when you buy more, due to economies of scale. You can end up paying ten times the price per metre with a small roll of bubble wrap compared with a larger roll.


  • If you are protecting many very small and light objects then ten metres can be quite a lot if you only require one layer. These objects as an example could include war hammer figurines, or regular sized pens or pencils. For objects that are heavy, ten metres won’t be much, because you will need many layers of protection and the full ten metres will be used up very quickly. A Printer for example would require the full ten metres for protection.


  • Bubble wrap can come in different widths as well as lengths. This will also affect the number of items or size or items that you can protect using a specific length of bubble wrap. The width is not so important however, because the widths do not vary by much. A standard 500mm width is the best option as it is a good middle ground to cover most everyday items.


  • Most bubble wrap is fully recyclable now, so if you end up with too much, then you can recycle the remainder of it. As it is much cheaper per metre to buy a larger roll, it is always best to buy a larger roll of either twenty or one hundred metres of bubble wrap. If you then have too much, you can recycle it. To recycle bubble wrap just put it in your normal recycling collection box, or take it to a recycling centre if not.


  • Ten metres of bubble wrap is plenty if you are shipping or storing one or two objects.


  • It is not very much if you are moving house, because you will likely need a lot more.


  • The size and weight of the objects are a big factor because of the number of layers that you will need around the object you are protecting.


  • The price per metre decreases when you buy larger rolls, so you can make bigger savings when you buy more.


  • Bubble wrap is fully recyclable, so do not worry if you buy too much and have some leftover.


  • Always buy bubble wrap online when looking for bubble wrap for sale because the prices are cheapest this way and you will find the largest range of bubble wrap from specialist packaging companies.
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