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Nearest and Best Online Packing Supplies in London – Packing Solution

Nearest and Best Online Packing Supplies in London – Packing Solution

If you are looking for packaging materials in London then search no further. Here at Packing Solution we offer next day delivery throughout London directly to your doorstep and we have a huge range of packaging materials designed for house moving, shipping and storage which includes cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, strong tape and many other accessories too.

Looking for house moving boxes?

  • Our range of cardboard boxes London is huge; we have many different shapes and sizes available to suit your every need.

  • We offer both single and double walled cardboard boxes to suit your budget and requirement. Single walled boxes are fine for light objects and they are great value for money. Double walled boxes are extra strong and heavy duty and are excellent for protecting items inside, holding heavy objects and stacking on top of one another too.

  • You can buy any quantity of boxes that you need. We sell individual boxes as well as discounted packs of five, ten or one hundred boxes at a time. The more that you buy, the cheaper the price per box. All prices include VAT to make things easy.

  • We supply heavy duty cardboard boxes London to the public as well as businesses. This flexible approach and easy to use website ensures the process is as easy as possible. If you need assistance or advice, just phone us and a member of our customer service team is always here to help. We have a UK based customer service team and we answer all phone calls without a long waiting time.

  • We are a family run business, established in 2014 by Nicolas and James Draper. We take great care in the day to day management of our company which ensures a reliable service for our customers.

Searching for bubble wrap online?

  • We offer small and large bubbles, which have many great uses. Smaller bubbles are the standard size and they are suitable for almost any object. The small bubbles can work around any shape of object to ensure the optimum level of protection. Larger bubbles are full of more air, so they will protect larger and heavier objects from damage.
  • We sell different lengths of bubble wrap from small 5 metre rolls all the way up to one hundred metre rolls too. The more that you buy, the cheaper the price per metre becomes.

House moving multi-packs

  • We sell house moving packs which include a variety of different sizes and types of box, as well as bubble wrap, tape and other packaging materials you may need. They are based on the number of bedrooms in your home, to give you a guide of what you are likely to need for moving.

  • These are especially useful for people who do not know how many boxes they will need, as it makes the process quick and easy.

  • They are sold with huge discounts too, so you can make some great savings when buying in bulk.Just visit our ‘moving packs’ section on the website, to view all of our house moving multi packs and offers.

Where to buy cardboard boxes London?

  • We offer next day delivery throughout London. When you order online we send you a confirmation email and later that day you will receive an email with tracking information for the delivery of your order. This will tell you precisely when your order will arrive tomorrow to ensure that you are available to receive the delivery.

  • If you know that you are not going to be home, simply leave a delivery note on the order to say a safe place that your order can be left.

  • We protect all orders with a polythene sheeting, which ensures that the orders are kept dry and safe during delivery even if it rains.
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