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Small but mighty: The surprising capacity of medium boxes for your needs

Small but mighty: The surprising capacity of medium boxes for your needs

Packing boxes have many great uses; including house moving, storage and shipping. They come in any number of different shapes and sizes, so choosing the right ones for your task can be tricky. 

The main reasons that medium cardboard packing boxes are so popular when compared with other types of box is because they are relatively low cost compared to plastic alternatives, so this means you can buy lots of them without it breaking the bank. This is especially useful for house moving where you will need lots of boxes for the job. The second reason they are so popular is because they are the most eco friendly option when compared with plastic boxes too, as they are often made from recycled paper and they are always fully recyclable, so there is no reason why you would need to throw them out after using them.

Medium Cardboard Packing Boxes

So why are cardboard boxes medium size such a popular choice?

  • Medium sized boxes will never become too heavy to carry when full. This makes them versatile as it means that anybody can use them for moving or storage and anybody can transport them, it won’t require big strong individuals. If you were to buy large sized boxes, they can often become too heavy which makes them impractical for transporting, which can slow you down and cost you money, especially during house moving or shipping with a courier.
  • Medium sized boxes are lower cost to buy than larger boxes. This is because they are smaller but also because they are more popular than larger boxes too. More of them are produced than large boxes each year by packaging companies, so they are able to offer a lower price to customers.
  • Medium size boxes are quick and easy to assemble using the four flaps at either end of the box, securing them shut using strong packing tape. If you are moving house, this will make the task quick and easy, which will help reduce the stress of moving.
  • Medium size boxes are easy to carry and transport because the smaller size makes them easy to fit through average sized doorframes and gaps. Large boxes can often become troublesome if they won’t fit in certain places, and can therefore be awkward to transport.
  • Medium size cardboard boxes are very strong, because the shorter cardboard walls make them extra heavy duty, especially if you buy double walled cardboard boxes which are the toughest available. They won’t cost you much more but are well worth the trouble. 
  • When medium boxes are delivered, they will arrive flat packed. This means they won’t take up much room before you need to use them and fold them together. If you don’t have much space available, for example if you have a small house that you are moving soon, then medium sized boxes can definitely be the answer for you.
  • If you are using boxes for shipping, then medium sized boxes will cost less to send than larger boxes. This is because couriers usually charge based on size and also weight, and you can predict that medium sized boxes are going to weigh less than larger ones.
  • If you are using medium moving boxes for storage, you can write on the outside of the boxes to say what is inside of them, so that when you need to access your things in the future, you will know exactly what is inside of each box. This is also useful when you are moving house, because you can write which room of the house that each box belongs, so it will make unpacking much easier and the move more organised. You can also write to say which boxes contain fragile items, so the carrier knows to take more care of those boxes to prevent breakage.
  • If you are using medium boxes for moving house, they are better for stacking and packing in a removal lorry than larger boxes. The reason for this is because the first objects you pack into a removal lorry will be large furniture, followed by boxes on top and around them. The aim is to pack as many boxes into the load as possible to save you trips back and forth. If you are using medium sized boxes, then you can fit them into each and every gap available which ultimately means you can fit more into the lorry than if you were using larger boxes overall. 
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