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The Best Book Box Size For Your Move: A Comprehensive Guide

The Best Book Box Size For Your Move: A Comprehensive Guide

Moving home or shifting books from one location for another can be a tricky process. You want to buy packing boxes for books that are the right size to hold the optimum amount of books, but you also want to protect the books from damage and ensure that they arrive safely. Actually finding the right boxes to buy can be the hardest part, as not many retailers sell boxes on the high street, so buying online is always the best option as you can find the biggest range of book boxes at the lowest prices.

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So what are the factors that go into deciding which boxes are best for moving books?

  • Firstly the size of the box used is important. If the box is too small, it won’t hold enough books and will make the process of moving books very slow and time consuming. If the box is too large, the box will become too heavy to carry when full and will also slow down your move because it will require more than one person to shift each box. It is therefore important to use medium sized boxes which measure approximately 18 x 12 x 12 inches.
  • Secondly the shape of the box used is important. Books are rectangular, so it is important to use packing boxes books that are also rectangular. This way you can fit the most books into each box, using up every bit of space available to make the move as efficient as possible. This will ensure you require less boxes and will save you money too.
  • Thirdly the type of box you use is important, as some boxes are stronger than others. We recommend using strong double walled cardboard boxes for moving books, because the extra strength will enable the box to hold the heavy weight of books without breaking, plus it will protect the books from damage during transit. The strong boxes are also great for stacking in a lorry without breaking. 
  • The quantity of boxes needed to move your books will depend on the number of books you have to move. Always remember that buying larger packs of boxes will mean the price per box is cheaper than buying them individually, so the more you need the cheaper the unit price. Calculate how many books you have and predict that you can fit 30 books into a standard medium sized box and work it out from there. Buy the boxes together in bulk so you save money. 
  • The price of boxes is also very important, and if you stick to buying medium sized double walled boxes, the price is always very competitive as this is a very popular size of box for most purposes. It is commonly used for house moving of all types, so you can make huge savings by sticking with 18 x 12 x 12 inch size.
  • Plain brown coloured boxes for moving books are the best as they have not been treated artificially in any way and this is their natural colour. It makes the boxes strong and easy to write on with a marker pen to say what you have put into each box. Always keep things organised and perhaps writing which books you have put into each box could be a good idea as it will make unpacking much quicker and easier. 
  • Ordinary boxes with flaps at either end are the best for moving books as opposed to specialist boxes with lids. The reason for this is because they are more secure and stronger too, as all you need is some strong packing tape to secure each flap shut and the box will be secure throughout its journey. They are lower in cost compared with boxes with lids too, so they are the more economical option.
  • Always buy book boxes for moving from a specialist book box supplier online as they will offer the lowest prices with the biggest range, delivered directly to your door with next day delivery. You can sit back and relax and spend the rest of your day doing something enjoyable instead of looking for boxes.
  • Cardboard boxes are recyclable and are usually made from recycled paper. They are therefore the environmentally friendly option when compared with plastic boxes. They are also much cheaper to buy and lighter in weight too, so we recommend cardboard over plastic when moving books. Plastic is useful for storage as it protects from water damage, but otherwise it doesn’t have many benefits.
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