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The Ultimate Guide To Packing And Moving Electronics

The Ultimate Guide To Packing And Moving Electronics

You may be moving and packing electronics for many different reasons; perhaps you are moving house or shipping them to a friend or customer if you have a business. Electronics is a broad term for many other electrical items, including televisions, CD players, mobile phones, and game consoles, to name a few. The one thing that all of these have in common is that they are expensive, high-value high-value, delicate, and fragile items. Here at Packing Solution, we have over eight years of experience within the removals industry and many years of experience selling packaging for moving and shipping, so we can offer expert advice on packing and moving.


The ultimate guide to packing and moving electronics 


  • First, always use heavy-duty, solid,double-walled cardboard boxes instead of single-walled boxes. They are much more robust, so they can hold a heavier weight inside of them without breaking, which is especially useful for heavy electronics. As they are strong, they will protect the contents inside of them better, so if the cardboard walls get knocked during transit, the items inside shouldn’t feel a thing. Strong packing and moving boxes are better for stacking on top of one another without breaking, too, so if you are house moving, you can rest assured knowing your electronics are safe no matter where they are in the pile. Double-walled boxes are not much more expensive than single-walled boxes because they are much more popular, so we highly recommend using them.


  • You should try to buy boxes the correct size for the items you are shipping and moving. If you buy boxes that are too large, there will be much excess space inside of them, which can cause the contents to move around within the box, and this can cause damage. If the box is too small, the objects will not fit into the best cardboard boxes, which obviously won’t work either. So buy a box the correct size, allowing for a small space for protective packaging.


  • Always use bubble wrap and tissue paper to protect your electronics before packing them. Just a few layers of protective packaging will make a huge difference. It barely costs anything, so it is well worth the trouble. The air bubbles will cushion the blow if the parcel gets dropped or knocked so that the electronics don’t feel a thing. Bubble wrap is also waterproof, protecting the electricity from water damage if it rains during transit.


  • Strong packing tape is necessary to secure the cardboard boxes for packing near me shut so they do not split open during transit. Only use adhesive solid tape that is 48mm wide; do not use standard tape from a supermarket.


  • Water damage is potentially the biggest threat to electrics if they get wet, which would cause many issues; it could be worth wrapping some cling film, or stretch wrap, around the boxes after packing them. This would ensure that water cannot get into the parcel.


  • Always write on the outside of each parcel to say what you have put into it. This will ensure that the mover of that parcel will know that it contains fragile items and to take great care with it while moving. It will also help to organize things so that unpacking becomes easy and quick. You could write FRAGILE on the cardboard boxes online as well.


  • While carrying electronics, take care and stroll. When driving a removal lorry, drive slowly and be aware of other drivers pulling out in front of you. If you had to break suddenly, it could cause the boxes to move around, and this could break items.
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