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What is the maximum weight you can put into a cardboard box?

Cardboard boxes are available in many different types, sizes and shapes. They are versatile boxes that can be used for house moving, storage or shipping, and they are used by the public as well as businesses across the country. They are the most popular type of box because they are low cost and more environmentally friendly too. Cardboard is often made from recycled paper and is fully recyclable too, and if it is strong enough, then it can be used again and again for different purposes.

When it comes to actually using a cardboard box, there are many factors that you need to think about:

  • What size of box will you require for the job. This will vary depending if you are moving house, storing something or shipping something, and it will depend on the size of the items you are putting inside, and your ability to carry the box when it is full without becoming too heavy.

  • The quantity of boxes for moving house that you will need for the job. With shipping and storage, this can be easy to calculate, but moving house can be a little more tricky. Fifteen boxes per room of the house is a good starting point.

  • The strength of the box that you are using and its ability to hold a heavy weight inside of it without breaking. This is especially important if you are moving home and you know you’ll have lots of heavy items to move, or if you are shipping something of a particular weight and you need a box that can hold that exact weight.

  • The shape of the box is another factor to consider, and it affects how you can carry the box, how easy it is to manoeuvre in a house or pack into a lorry and fit things inside of the box too.

    • What are the main types of boxes?

      • Firstly, to understand what weight you can put into a box, you need to know the different types of boxes available, because some are stronger than others.

      • Single walled large moving boxes are the weakest boxes, and they are the cheapest too. They are fine for moving lighter objects and objects which do not require protection, such as clothing if you are moving house.

      • Double walled boxes are the strongest, and they are the most durable. They can hold a much heavier weight inside of them without breaking, plus they will protect whatever you put into them, better as well. They are ideal for stacking on top of one another in a removal lorry, so they are the winners and most versatile boxes.

        What weight can you put into a strong double walled cardboard box?

        • Double walled boxes can hold up to thirty kilograms inside of them. This means that you can put an object or objects inside of them weighing up to thirty kilograms and you can be sure that the box will not break apart and the box will protect that item too. If you put a weight of more than thirty kilograms inside of it, then you’ll need to be extra careful when moving that box and you risk the box breaking and damaging your item.

        • Anything less than thirty kilograms can also be put into this box safely, and the box will ensure that it is protected well.

          What weight can be put into a single walled cardboard box?

          • Single walled house removal boxes can only hold a maximum of eight kilograms inside of them. This is because they are much more flimsy and they won’t offer much protection to any object that you put into them no matter what the weight. An eight kilogram object or objects can be placed into them without the box breaking under the weight, so they are fine for moving clothing while moving house as an example.

          What is the absolute maximum weight you can put into a cardboard box?

          • Ultimately, you could put any weight into a box as long as the object fits in the box. If your object weighs more than the recommended limits above, then you take the risk of the box breaking or the object getting damaged because the box won’t provide much protection. You can put a very heavy object inside of the box so long as it fits and you carry that box from underneath with the utmost of care, and don’t worry too much about protection.

          Other factors to consider:

          • When you buy moving house boxes, some double walled boxes are stronger than others, due to the thickness of the cardboard sheets that are used to make that box. It is therefore important that you contact the manufacturer that you buy the box from to ensure that you know the exact weight that the box can hold. Thirty kilograms is the average weight that a double walled box should hold.

          • Always use protective packaging to protect the objects that you put into a box, if you want to ensure that they are fully protected. Do not rely on the box itself to fully protect your object, although it will certainly help.

          • If you are storing a heavy box, make sure you don’t place that box too high up because of the risk of it falling onto somebody. Do not put a heavy box in the rafters in the garage, for example, because the risk of it falling on somebody is quite dangerous. Place a heavy box on the floor in the garage instead, or in a cupboard or under a bed.

          • Heavy boxes will cost a lot to send through the post with a courier, because their charges are usually based on the weight. Splitting up objects into many different smaller boxes can potentially make your delivery a bit cheaper.

          • Heavy boxes are more difficult to carry when moving house, so it might make your move take a bit longer than planned.
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