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When do I need to order moving supplies?

When do I need to order moving supplies?

Packing materials are an important part of moving house and buying the right type and quantity of boxes, bubble wrap and tape at the right time is vital to a successful and stress free move. Planning in advance is always the key, and leaving yourself plenty of time to pack before the moving day is vital as you don’t want to be packing up your things on the same day as moving, because moving and transporting all those house moving boxes is going to take a very long time indeed. If you use a professional removal company, they will often charge a lot extra to help you pack as well as move, so ideally you should do this yourself in advance.

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So when do I need to order moving supplies?

Ideally you should buy moving supplies to arrive two weeks before the completion date. Often, you will only be given the completion date a few weeks after finding out, so it is best to order the packaging materials immediately. When you order packaging boxes, they will arrive flat packed, so they don’t take up much room in your home, so it is always best to have them there as early as possible ready for you to start.

Always order house removal packing boxes online, as you can find the biggest range designed specifically for moving at the lowest prices, with a quick delivery service to match.

By giving yourself at least two weeks to pack up your belongings, you can slowly work through your entire home, garage, shed, garden and attic. When you think of every single item that you own having to be packed up into boxes and probably wrapped in bubble wrap too, it is quite a daunting task. But if you start slowly, room by room methodically, you can get through it.

Start by packing the items you use least, such as pictures and rugs. Only pack the everyday necessities last, such as wash bags and cooking equipment. Your food from the fridge and freezer should be the very last thing to take, which you can pack on the actual removal day so that it doesn’t go off. 

When it comes to the quantity of large boxes for moving house needed, we recommend buying ten large boxes per room of the house, or fifteen medium sized boxes if you prefer. This is along with a hundred metres of bubble wrap (which goes very quickly) and six rolls of strong adhesive tape to hold the boxes shut securely.

Moving supplies will typically cost somewhere between £100 - £200 in total for an entire house move, so this is what you should budget. You don’t need to spend the whole lot on the first go, but you can top up with more moving boxes online as you need more. As long as you start two weeks before the move, this will allow you plenty of time to organise everything and buy more if you need more. You will have two whole weekends to pack that way, so if you have a full time job, this is the most practical way to do it, as well as evenings, so you don’t have to take much time off work. You might need to take the day before the move, the day of the move and the day after the move off work anyway. 

Planning and organizing a smooth house move involves careful consideration of various factors, and ordering the right moving supplies is a crucial step in the process. Ideally, it is recommended to order cardboard boxes London and other moving supplies at least 2 weeks before the completion date. This advance planning allows you ample time to pack your belongings systematically, ensuring a stress-free moving experience.

Ordering moving supplies online is a convenient and cost-effective option. Online platforms offer a wide range of packaging materials designed specifically for moving at competitive prices. When you order online, the packaging boxes usually arrive flat packed, minimizing space requirements in your home. Having the boxes ready early on allows you to start packing gradually, tackling different areas of your home methodically.

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