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Where to get online cardboard boxes for moving in London?

Cardboard boxes are a brilliant type of packaging material that have many important uses, which include house moving, storage and shipping. When it comes to house moving, they will help speed up your house move and protect your belongings too. They enable you to carry numerous items at once, as well as protecting the items you put into them and enabling you to stack them in the removal lorry to ensure you can fit the maximum amount into each load. House moving cardboard boxes London should be strong and durable so you should always pick heavy duty double walled cardboard boxes. The reason for this is because they can hold a heavier weight inside of them without breaking and you can stack more of them on top of one another. This will enable your house move to go much faster and easier because you can fit more into each box without the worry of them breaking and you can fit more into the removal lorry too which saves you trips back and forth. 


Finding the right cardboard boxes for your move can be tough, as very few retailers actually sell boxes for moving.

So where in London can you find boxes for moving?

  • There are very few physical high street shops that sell boxes for moving. This is because there are no shops that specialise in packaging. You can sometimes find a home ware store that offers a very small selection of boxes for sale. These are usually sold at a very high price and the selection will be very small, which is far from ideal for a house move. They might not be good quality cardboard boxes either, which means they won’t be strong enough. We would not recommend taking that option.


  • You can shop online here with Packing Solution. We offer next day delivery throughout London and its surrounding areas too. We have a huge range of boxes in many different shapes, sizes and types, all of which were designed specifically for house moving. We also offer other types of packaging to assist with your move, which include bubble wrap and strong packing tape too, so you can buy everything that you need in one place. Our website is easy to order from and use and the descriptions should be very clear so that you can make a good decision about what you want.


  • You could search for second hand moving boxes near me from supermarkets and small businesses. This is not always an option and will vary from one company to another. Most businesses try to reuse their boxes now, because it is more cost effective and more environmentally friendly too. Second hand boxes can be damaged and dirty which again isn’t great for house moving, especially if you are moving delicate items or clothing which needs to be kept clean and in good condition.

If you buy boxes online then you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best prices and the largest range of good quality boxes. You can get huge discounts if you purchase packs of boxes, so the more that you buy the cheaper the price per box. This is very useful when moving house as you will need lots of boxes. You can also buy moving packs which include a number of different types and size of box as well as bubble wrap and tape. They are based on the number of bedrooms in your home and give you a good estimate of what you will need. This makes the job of picking what you need much easier and quicker.


How to pick an online box retailer in London

  • Search on Google for removal boxes London to find an online seller of boxes. Here at Packing Solution we are the number one trusted supplier to London and its surrounding areas. Many of our orders each day go to London and we have a reliable delivery service to the City and area.

  • Compare prices between different retailers and you will soon see that Packing Solution offers some of the most competitive prices for all different types of packaging. This is because we are one of the market leaders in the sector and are able to pass the benefits onto our customers.

  • Here at Packing Solution we are a family run business with many years of experience with house moving and packaging. Our friendly team are always here to help, so if you need assistance choosing what boxes you need please give us a call and we can talk you through your options based on our experience.

  • Read reviews about online retailers and compare them and you will soon see that Packing Solution is the most trusted and highly rated online retailer to London. You can read reviews on Trustpilot as well as Google and our own website too. We have supplied boxes to thousands of customers each week for many years, so you may even know somebody who has used our service before.

How do online boxes arrive?

  • Boxes will arrive flat packed and wrapped in polythene for protection. Flat packed boxes don’t take up much room so you can store them until you need to use them and polythene will protect from water damage so that if it rains during delivery, your boxes will still be safe.

  • They are delivered with our courier network and we will email you with all the necessary tracking information when your order has been dispatched. This ensures that you know exactly when your order is going to arrive. We can deliver to any address you choose in London or its surrounding areas, so we can deliver to your work address, home address or family member or friends address.

  • You can leave a note to let us know a safe place to leave your parcel if you are out, for example in the porch. Just search where can I buy packing boxes.
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