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The unsung hero of shipping: an ode to cardboard boxes

The unsung hero of shipping: an ode to cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most popular type of box; and quite rightly so. They are much more commonly used than plastic alternatives, mainly due to the fact they are much cheaper and they are environmentally friendly. Cardboard boxes have so many great uses; including house moving, storage and shipping for both businesses and the public too. Yet they are increasingly difficult to buy and impossible to find second hand boxes for free. Many years ago you could have visited your local supermarket who would have had hundreds of second hand banana boxes for you to use for moving house, however these days they do not give them out for free and they re use them instead.

Very few high street shops offer boxes and the ones that do will only have a tiny range at a high price, which is far from ideal. Buying boxes online is the most common way today, as there are a handful of specialist retailers who sell specific ranges of boxes for house moving, at the best prices with next day delivery.

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So what makes cardboard moving boxes near me the best for moving house?

  • They are strong and durable. This means you can stack them on top of one another in the removal lorry without the risk of them breaking. It also means they can hold heavy objects inside of them without breaking too. It also means that you can re use them again and again for different purposes, such as storage or shipping too.

  • They are low priced when compared with plastic alternatives. You can get huge multi buy discounts when buying boxes online too, and you can even buy moving packs which include all the different types of packaging you need based on the number of bedrooms in your home.

  • They are often made from recycled paper and they are fully recyclable too. This makes them the most environmentally friendly option which is always the best case scenario. As they have so many great uses, you probably wouldn’t need to recycle them at all, because they can simply be re used again and again. You can pass them onto a friend or family member who might have another use for them if you cannot think of anything.

  • Heavy duty cardboard boxes come in so many different shapes and sizes and types, so you will always be able to find something to suit your requirement. As they are the most popular type of box this is why there is such a massive range available to buy.

  • Cardboard boxes are easy to write on, so you can say what room of the house that box belongs, or what objects are packed inside of that box. This makes moving, shipping and storage a breeze as you can effectively organise your things. You could even write on the outside of the box to say that the contents are fragile and therefore need protecting.

  • You can amend the size of a box by simply cutting down at the corners and making the flaps bigger. This makes them very versatile for all different sized objects even if the box seems a little big.

  • Cardboard boxes are lightweight and easy to carry for this reason. This makes them perfect for relocating. Sometimes boxes even have handle holes to make them easier to transport, while others need to be carried the traditional way from underneath.

  • Cardboard boxes can be used for businesses who need their logo printed on the outside of the boxes. This helps marketing efforts and will certainly help to pick up more business in the future.

  • When looking where can I buy packing boxes, cardboard boxes will always arrive flat packed, so you can easily store them before you need to use them, without the boxes taking up too much room. This is the case for both businesses with limited space or a household before you move house too. Just fold together the boxes as you use them and this will ensure they won’t take up much room. Flat packed boxes are safe from harm during transit too, so it ensures the boxes are in perfect condition and ready to use when they arrive.

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