Cardboard Boxes for Moving House in the UK

Here at Packing Solution, we offer a wide range of cardboard boxes for house moving, storage, and shipping. We provide nationwide next day delivery throughout the UK as all our boxes are in stock. If you require boxes for quick packing, we are here to assist you. We offer the lowest prices, and when you compare our rates with other packaging suppliers, you will quickly realize how competitive we are. This is possible because we are manufacturers who directly sell to the public online.

Customized Heavy-Duty Cardboard Packing Boxes

We sell extra strong heavy duty double walled cardboard boxes, which are great for moving heavy objects and also for protecting the things you put into them. They are easy to stack on top of one another while moving house too. We also offer single walled boxes which are great for lighter objects and they are excellent value for money. We sell boxes individually, as well as discounted packs of five, ten or one hundred boxes of each type too, and so the more you buy, the cheaper the price per box. We offer small, medium, large and extra large sized boxes, as well as specialist boxes for moving such as wardrobe boxes and TV boxes. We also sell archive boxes for storage too.

Family-Run Business Est. 1937 in England

We are a family business, with many years of experience with packaging as well as in the removals industry, as we used to run a removals company too. We know exactly which types and sizes of box you are likely to need for your house move and we have selected the very best to offer directly here online for you. We only offer the most useful and ideal cardboard boxes for packing. We exclusively provide high-quality, eco-friendly, and recyclable cardboard boxes that are perfect for moving. All of our cardboard boxes for removals are 100% recyclable and are made from recycled paper too, so they are certainly the environmentally friendly option when compared with plastic boxes and other alternatives. Our bubble wrap is also fully recyclable.

Bubble wrap, tape and beyond

We also offer all other types of packaging that you might need for moving, all in one place. We sell bubble wrap for protection, packing tissue paper, strong packing tape and many other packing accessories too.

Premium, Durable Cardboard Packing Boxes For Removals

You can order packing cardboard boxes online directly here, where you can enter your delivery information and we will email you with tracking information so that you know exactly when your order is going to arrive tomorrow. You can also order by phone, and we can offer free expert advice to help you pick exactly which boxes and how many you might need for your house move. All boxes that are shown here online are held in stock and are available for immediate dispatch and we offer a massive range of boxes to ensure that you can always find what you need.

Specialist cardboard packing boxes for moving house

We sell specialized boxes for moving, which include television boxes as well as bike boxes and wardrobe boxes too. They are all made of a special size and shape, which makes them ideal for these special items. Our wardrobe boxes contain hanging rails and are designed to help you move the clothes from your wardrobe that you don’t have to fold up into the other boxes. This might include suits, dresses or shirts for example. The boxes are very tall and wide, just like a normal wardrobe.

Cardboard boxes for moving house

Our cardboard boxes are the ideal shape and size for moving, as the shape needs to make them easy to carry when full, and they are the optimum shape for stacking in a removal van effectively. We sell sizes that are easy enough to transport; our extra large sized boxes can hold lots of items inside of them which will save you trips back and forth, while our medium sized boxes are easy to carry as they won’t become too heavy to carry when full. Our packing boxes for moving are heavy duty and extra strong so they will enable you to carry lots of heavy objects inside of them without breaking and they will protect the objects you put into them.

FAQs | Why should you buy cardboard boxes for moving?

Which type of cardboard boxes is best to use?

We always recommend strong double walled cardboard boxes for moving house, as they can hold heavy weights inside of them without breaking and they will protect the objects you put into them. They are great for stacking in a removal lorry too. Large sized boxes can hold more objects, which will save you trips back and forth.

How do I use cardboard boxes effectively?

Cardboard boxes are easy to use, simply fold the four flaps at either end of the box, fill the box with your objects and then secure it shut with strong packing tape. You can also use bubble wrap for protection.

How many cardboard boxes do I need for moving?

Generally speaking, you will need ten large sized boxes per room of the house on average. This can vary depending on how cluttered your house is or how large your house is. We sell moving packs which give you an idea of how many boxes you are likely to need, based on the number of bedrooms in your house.

How many cardboard boxes do I need for a 2, 3, and 4 bedroom house?

We recommend 15 boxes for a 2 bed house, 25 boxes for a 3 bedroom house and 40 boxes for a 4 bedroom house move.

What sizes are available for cardboard boxes?

We sell small, medium, large and extra large sized boxes, as well as specialist moving boxes such as wardrobe boxes which are extra tall and wide, TV boxes which are extra wide and thin, and bike boxes which are also very large.

How many layers of cardboard boxes should I use?

If you buy our strong double walled cardboard boxes, they are very strong and durable heavy duty boxes, so you won’t need any additional layers of cardboard. They are plenty strong enough for moving house.

What are some alternative ways to protect my goods during packing?

You can use bubble wrap, or packing tissue paper, or packing paper for protection during moving. Bubble wrap is always the best for everyday items, and tissue paper is great for delicate objects such as china and glass.

How should I label my cardboard boxes for easy identification during the move?

You should always write on the outside of the boxes to say which room of the house that the boxes belong. For example, kitchen, living room etc. This will make unpacking much easier in your new home. You can also write on the boxes to say which ones contain fragile items.

Are there any weight limitations for cardboard boxes during moving or storage?

Our strong double walled boxes can hold a very heavy weight of up to 35kg inside of them and anything lower. Our single walled boxes are only suitable for lighter objects.

Are there any safety precautions to consider when using cardboard boxes for packing?

Always watch out for paper cuts when using cardboard boxes, be careful with them. Always lift boxes with your knees bent and back straight, so you don’t damage your back. Never lift boxes that are too heavy, always get help. Don’t stack boxes too high, in case they fall.

Can I purchase custom-sized cardboard boxes for unique items or requirements?

If you require custom sized boxes please send us an email and we can quote you for this. It is more expensive to produce custom sized boxes, so if you can make-do with our in-stock range of boxes shown online then they are going to be much cheaper.

How should I store cardboard boxes after the move?

After you have moved house, you can store the boxes until you need to use them again in future very easily. You should flat pack the boxes and you can easily store them in the garage or attic without them taking up too much space. They can be used for moving, storage or shipping. Alternatively, pass them onto a friend or local business, or recycle them.

Are cardboard boxes recyclable?

Yes our boxes are 100% recyclable so you can leave a small quantity in your normal collection recycling bin, or if you have a lot of boxes, take them to your local recycling centre.

Where can I buy packing boxes near me and online?

Buy packing boxes here online with Packing Solution where we offer nationwide next day delivery with the lowest prices. You can only collect from our Glastonbury head office, otherwise we can deliver to you.

Where are cardboard boxes made in the UK?

There are lots of cardboard box manufacturers in the UK. We manufacture and source boxes from all the top manufacturers in the country and only buy the best quality from each.

Why should I use large cardboard packing boxes?

Large boxes will hold lots of objects inside of them, which will save you trips back and forth. They can also hold large objects too, so they are versatile.

Why should I use medium cardboard packing boxes?

Medium sized boxes are easy to carry when full, as they won’t become too heavy. This will make transportation quick and easy, and ensure that everyone can seamlessly carry them.